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Eyefinity/OfficeMate Practice Management Software

OfficeMate is industry practice management software, tailored to eye care specialists. It manages professional needs as well as maintains indispensable patient demographic information that is easily entered and accessed. It includes management programs for marketing, recall, insurances, and patient schedules that can be viewed by day or week, as well as by the provider. Office staff can easily manage no shows, cancellations, balances, family members, last appointment and more. Another powerful feature is the seamless integration of OfficeMate with ExamWRITER/ReportWRITER electronic medical record keeping.

ExamWRITER/ReportWRITER Electronic Medical Records

ExamWRITER/ReportWRITER is the trusted electronic medical record (EMR) software used by eye care specialists. Manage interoffice communications, documents, and education. Automate everyday tasks in your practice, and you and your staff can save time
and money. ExamWRITER/ReportWRITER provides practices with greater access to information, fewer medical documentation errors, and greater productivity. Workflow is critical to the success of a growing practice and is easiest to achieve with ExamWRITER/ReportWRITER, keeping your eye care practice running smoothly .

Industry-Leading Eye Care Software Solutions

Computer-Based Snellen Eye Test
• Expand Your Exam Capabilities
• Random Sequencing of Letters
• Illiteracy Charts; Tumbling E and C
• 4 Dot Test
• Red/Green Overlay
• Astigmatic Charts
• Crowding Bars
• Consistent Testing Results - no more dom projector bulbs
• Display Common Ocular Pathologies
• Show Videos in your Exam Room, including Cartoons
   for Children
• Easily Operated with a Small Hand-Held Remote
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