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HIPAA regulations can seem overwhelming, especially to the small practitioner. Elk Creek Creek Computers, Inc. helps you with HIPAA regulations by providing:

• Risk assessment & data management
• Data transmission security using Sonicwall
• Data backup with DataPreserve
• Disaster recovery planning
• Workstation security; employee training

Elk Creek Computers, Inc. compliance

As your technology partner, we take security precautions with your data while servicing your technology needs. All of our employees sign confidentiality agreements.
Only authorized personnel have physical access to the shop area. Any transmittal hardware is disabled to prevent unauthorized transmission of your data.

Only persons authorized by you may receive or pick up your data.

Detailed records of the date, time, technician and work done are kept in a secure location.

Any data backups or images of your data are kept in a secure area for two weeks, then are destroyed.

Our HIPAA-dedicated network includes controlled Internet access, a local update server and a password-protected firewall.
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