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The principals at Elk Creek Computers, Inc. provide experienced LOCAL
solutions to your office technology needs. If you have an emergency, we respond quickly and efficiently to get your business back on track.

Rena Clark

COO, Chief Operations Officer

Rena is responsible for all aspects of business management and operations for Elk Creek Computers, Inc. Keeping the whole company running smoothly, Rena schedules and coordinates appointments with staff as well as processes receivables and payments. Keeping things current in the face of an ever-advancing technological world, she often updates and reformats company documents and procedures. She also handles the HR duties; including handling new hire to ensure potential employees have the technical skills and excellent customer care to meet Elk Creek Computers’ high standards. Giving optimal customer service, Rena manages inbound client inquires by phone. Furthermore, she communicates with onsite representatives as a follow up to make sure jobs are handled correctly and full customer satisfaction is met. Rena networks weekly on behalf of the company to assist in acquiring new customers, in order to provide them with fantastic, indispensable service.
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